Turning the Spotlight on Excellence

We are proud of our faculty, whose remarkable achievements earn numerous awards every year.

Ars Docendi Award

The Ars Docendi teaching award has been presented to the best and most innovative teachers at Austrian universities since 2013. Since the award’s introduction, WU teachers have won four awards and eight honorable mentions, more than any other university.

In 2021, Michaela Nettekoven, Maria Krakovsky, and Lukas Kowarsch received an Ars Docendi award in the category “Digital Transformation in Teaching.” Their course “Finance” was named as an example of particularly innovative university-level teaching. The jury was particularly impressed with the flexibility of the learning process and the course’s responsiveness to students’ individual needs and experiences. They also praised the use of digital innovations to enrich the course’s teaching.

Claudia Klausegger’s “Marketing Consulting Project” received an honorable mention in the category “Cooperative Forms of Learning and Working.” The course, taught in the third semester of the bachelor’s program, is a good example of hands-on learning early in the degree program and is particularly impressive due to the combination of research-oriented academic teaching and practical corporate experience, offered in a structured and collaborative setting.

Ars Docendi teaching award
from left: Michaela Nettekoven, Maria Krakovsky, Lukas Kowarsch
Verleihung des Staatspreises an Ass.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michaela Nettekoven, Mag. Maria Krakovsky, Lukas Kowarsch (c)

Excellent Teaching Award

Every year, we ask our students to name the teachers who have particularly inspired and motivated them with their enthusiasm for sharing their expertise during the previous academic year. Over 3,500 students responded in 2021, nominating 4,700 teachers for the Excellent Teaching Award.

Winners of the 2021 Excellent Teaching Award

  • Anthony Copnall (Department of Foreign Language Business Communication)
  • Tatiana Karpukhina (Department of Marketing)
  • Clemens Kerschbaum (Department of Information Systems and Operations Management)
  • Robert Kert (Department of Public Law and Tax Law)
  • Stefan Mayr (Department of Socioeconomics)
  • Ilse Pachlinger (Department of Management)
  • Alyssa Schneebaum (Department of Economics)
  • Martin Spitzer (Department of Private Law)
  • Katharina van Bakel-Auer (Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics)
  • Markus Wabnegg (Department of Strategy and Innovation)
Our excellent teachers
from left: Tatiana Karpukhina, Robert Kert, Anthony Copnall, Markus Wabnegg, Clemens Kerschbaum, Stefan Mayr, Ilse Pachlinger, Lea Pressl (ÖH WU), Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger (Rector)
Verleihung der WU Awards (c)

Innovative Teaching Award

The 2021 Innovative Teaching Awards focused on seamless learning formats and the design of learning settings. The winners designed courses that provided students with comprehensive specialist knowledge through a perfect interplay of traditional classroom teaching, interactive elements, contact with companies, and the sourcing of knowledge online.

Winners of the 2021 Innovative Teaching Award

  • Tatiana Karpukhina: Marketing Research Methods
  • Miya Komori-Glatz: English Business Communication
  • Rudolf Dömötör & Christian Rammel: Sustainability Challenge
  • Verena Madner & Stefan Mayr: International and European Law, Institutions and Governance
  • Kathrin Schwaiger: The internationalization of … oh, there’s a white mouse – The use of resources in a behavioral economics context
  • Alexander Mohr & Can Tihanyi: Models of Internationalization
  • Monika Koller & Eva Marckhgott: Special Topics – Marketing Insights im Dialog mit der Praxis
Our innovative teachers
from left: Tatiana Karpukhina, Monika Koller, Eva Marckhgott, Verena Madner, Stefan Mayr, Miya Komori-Glatz, Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger (Rector)
Verleihung WU Award für
Excellent Research