Friends & Partners

Supporting WU

WU offers sponsors a number of attractive options for becoming part of campus life. Corporate partners can sponsor rooms on campus or make their brand visible at WU events.

In today’s environment of austerity packages and cuts to public funding, it is essential for universities in particular to consider alternative financing options. Fundraising is becoming increasingly important for WU: Only with the support of our sponsors and donors can many additional projects be financed, especially in research and teaching, which are crucial for maintaining the university’s excellence and strengthening its international reputation.

Room and Auditorium Sponsoring

Since 2013, WU has offered corporate partners the opportunity to sponsor libraries, auditoriums, lounges, and project rooms on Campus WU. A number of well-known companies have taken advantage of this opportunity to establish their presence on campus.

In the future, we are also planning to offer sponsoring options for project rooms and carrels in the Library & Learning Center building.

In Touch with Students

Corporate partners can also sponsor programs aimed at supporting particularly committed and talented students. Sponsors of the Summer and Winter University acceleration programs and the WU Top League honors program regularly organize events that allow students to gain insights into the company and experience business first-hand.

Summer and Winter University Programs

WU’s study acceleration programs give students the opportunity to take advantage of university breaks to take especially popular courses that are usually booked up during the semester. Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-AG has been the exclusive sponsor of the study acceleration programs since 2014. An average of 25-30 courses are offered, focusing mainly on business administration, law, and economics.

The Allianz Work Study workshop is the highlight of this collaboration every year. Selected students have the opportunity to participate in the workshop and gain their first practical experience in the field of employer branding. The 2018 seminar was called “DARE to start an international career.”

WU Top League

WU Top League is an honors program for WU’s best and most promising bachelor’s students. After a selective admissions procedure, qualified students receive coaching and support from experienced student mentors and have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into business life at workshops, company presentations, and field trips offered by the program’s corporate partners. The WU Top League was sponsored by BDO, ÖBB, and Uniqa in 2018.

New in 2018: Potential sponsors now have the opportunity to get to know the program and its students by participating in events as partners and through other activities. This option is in high demand with our corporate partners.

WU4YOU Scholarship Program

Social background can have a profound impact on an individual’s educational career. WU4You is a support initiative aimed at talented students from low-income families. The scholarship program was launched in 2016 and helps talented, dedicated students who would not be able to study without financial support, facilitating opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for these students. In 2018, we invited high school graduates from 30 schools in seven Austrian provinces to apply.

Thanks to our cooperation partners, twelve new scholarships were awarded in 2018. A total of 29 students have already received financial aid through this program. At the kick-off event in October, supporters had the opportunity to get to know the scholarship holders personally.

Graduates’ Bag

Every year, around 2,800 WU graduates receive a bag filled with useful information at the end of their studies. Participating partners can include career information or company folders to strengthen their profile among graduates or carry out targeted recruiting. Twelve cooperation partners contributed to the graduates’ bags in 2018.


Events for new and potential students

Twice a year, the WU Open House Day attracts a large number of potential students who would like to find out more about WU’s academic programs. WU Campus Days give first-semester students the opportunity to get to know WU and the campus before they start their studies. Sponsors present their brands and products at these events.

As cooperation partners, Red Bull, RAUCH, Nestlé, Dixi, HOFER, Coca-Cola, Joya, and De Beukelaer supplied visitors with drinks and snacks in 2018.

WU Summer Celebration

In June, the WU Summer Celebration took place for the third time. 7,500 guests came to WU to celebrate the end of the academic year together. Well-known companies took advantage of this opportunity to showcase their brand or products. The main sponsor, Red Bull, provided the stage for the live acts. A DJ from our media partner Krone Hit started setting the mood in the afternoon, and sponsors like HOFER and KPMG invited guests to relax in their lounges. CROSSFIT offered a live training session where everyone could take part and find out how fit they really were. The raffle for WU’s social projects included prizes from well-known companies. The main prize was provided by the rail service Westbahn.

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