Forging Ahead

Research Units

Our faculty conduct their research both for and as part of society. Their work makes invaluable contributions to solving today’s complex economic, political, and social problems.

WU’s researchers are among the best in their respective fields. Respected members of the international scientific community, they investigate complex research questions using empirical and applied methods. The resulting findings are documented in numerous papers and published in leading international journals.

Outstanding research that fulfills the highest quality standards is one of WU’s top objectives. We strive to be among the best in Europe in our fields of expertise and to strengthen our international reputation. To reach these goals, WU cooperates intensively with renowned international research partners and members of the respective communities.

WU’s researchers work in eleven departments and 60 institutes. 15 interdisciplinary research institutes focus on specific fields, and seven competence centers support researchers in their work and facilitate networking and knowledge transfer activities.

Open-Minded and Cosmopolitan