Annual Report 2018

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler

Strategy and Organization

2018 was an eventful year at WU. Our rector was confirmed for a second term, and in addition to a few changes to the Rector’s Council team, she plans to draft a comprehensive digitalization strategy for WU. A new University Board was appointed and a budget increase of 17% will allow us to recruit new faculty members.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler

Top Marks for WU in 2018

EQUIS reaccreditation, outstanding ranking results, and awards for WU faculty members in 2018 confirm WU’s high quality standards in research and teaching once again. WU’s good reputation is in part thanks to the high quality of WU’s teaching.  WU’s faculty are committed to teaching and enjoy using innovative teaching methods, and national and international awards each year are the reward.  WU’s researchers make a significant contribution to our university’s success in rankings and accreditation proceedings. They work in international teams, investigate complex issues, and publish groundbreaking papers in renowned international journals in their fields.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler

Dialog with the Public

WU’s researchers are always on the cutting edge and provide the business community, society, and political decision makers with important findings. Making this knowledge more easily understandable and accessible to the general public is a key part of our mission. WU often invites prominent international guests to speak on campus, giving students the opportunity to experience political decision makers and experts from the business community first-hand.

(c) BOAnet

Fostering Potential, Learning from Diversity

WU sees diversity as an enrichment, an opportunity, and a resource, which is why we encourage diversity among our students, faculty, and staff. Ensuring a positive working atmosphere is very important to WU. The active participation of all our employees and their feedback are key in our efforts to constantly improve working conditions at WU.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Academic Standards

Expanding Our International Program Portfolio

As a university, it’s our responsibility to impart state-of-the-art knowledge to our students. To stay current, we update and develop our program portfolio on a regular basis.

WU’s triple accreditation status and excellent performance in international rankings confirm the high quality of our teaching. Not content with resting on our laurels, however, we are always striving to improve and implement quality control measures on a regular basis.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Forging Ahead

Researchers in the Spotlight

WU researchers are very active in their respective scientific communities, and are involved in many national and international research projects. The work of many of our researchers is of considerable practical relevance. We introduce our researchers and their projects to the public on a regular basis to make their work visible to a wider audience.

In recent years, WU has established itself as a world leader in the field of cryptoeconomics. Our expertise is in demand in research, the business community, government, and the public.

(c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Global Perspectives

Open-Minded and Cosmopolitan

We have a worldwide network of partner universities spanning the globe, with partners in 55 countries and on all continents. Within this network we encourage a high level of student and faculty mobility, conclude research partnerships, and develop joint academic programs like the Joint International Summer University programs, double degree programs, the Vienna Innovation ProgramWU, and the brand new Central Europe Connect joint certificate program.

(c) Pascal Riesinger
Friends & Partners

Supporting WU

In today’s environment of austerity packages and cuts to public funding, it is essential for universities in particular to consider alternative financing options. Fundraising is becoming increasingly important for WU: Only with the support of our sponsors and donors can many additional projects be financed, especially in research and teaching, which are crucial for maintaining the university’s excellence and strengthening its international reputation.