Global Perspectives

International Executive Education

The WU Executive Academy is one of the leading institutions for international executives when it comes to continuing education for managers and high potentials.

High quality further and continuing education for management personnel is in increasing demand. Thanks to its outstanding portfolio, the WU Executive Academy is among the top education providers in Central Europe; in 2018, over 2,400 executives from over 70 countries were enrolled in the Academy’s programs.

The WU Executive Academy presented its innovative programs at education fairs in eleven countries in 2018 (Austria, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan), attracting some 1,200 new participants to all of its programs.

Hong Kong and Argentinia: New Destinations for the Global Executive MBA

The Global Executive MBA program is the result of an innovative cooperation between two world-class universities: WU Vienna and the University of Minnesota. Thanks to this unique partnership, graduates of the Global Executive MBA program receive both a European and an American MBA degree, giving them two outstanding qualifications after completing only one program.

Asian finance and logistics metropolis vs. up-and-coming Latin American emerging nation: Students in the Global Executive MBA program are required to complete International Residencies. Destinations include Hyderabad (India) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and since 2018, also Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Hong Kong region. Lingnan (University) College in Guangzhou and City University of Hong Kong, one of Hong Kong’s leading universities, are new partner schools.

"Hong Kong is not just one of Southeast Asia’s leading urban centers and one of the region’s most powerful financial hubs, it’s also one of the world’s most important transshipment and trading centers. The city is also a leader in digital technologies, especially fintech, eCommerce, and big data/AI. Our students have the opportunity to experience all of this first-hand during company visits and on-location teaching units."
WU Executive Academy Dean Barbara Stöttinger
Faculty and Staff Mobility