Groundbreaking Research

WU’s researchers make a significant contribution to our university’s success in rankings and accreditation proceedings. They work in international teams, investigate complex issues, and publish groundbreaking papers in renowned international journals in their fields.

WU Best Paper Awards

Every year, WU and the City of Vienna present the WU Best Paper Awards for our researchers’ most outstanding publications. The awards were given in four categories in 2018.

Category A: Quantitative-analytical or theoretical work

Julian Kolm, Christian Laux, Gyöngyi Loranth. 2017. Bank Regulation, CEO Compensation, and Boards. Review of Finance, 21 (5), 1901–1932.

Category B: Business administration, economics, and business education

Hidehiko Nishikawa, Martin Schreier, Christoph Fuchs, Susumu Ogawa. 2017. The value of marketing crowdsourced new products as such: Evidence from two randomized field experiments. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), 54 (4), 525–539.

Category C: Foreign language business communication, law, humanities, sociology, economic geography, interdisciplinary topics

Jesús Crespo Cuaresma, Olha Danylo, Steffen Fritz, Ian McCallum, Michael Obersteiner, Linda See, Brian Walsh. 2017. Economic Development and Forest Cover: Evidence from Satellite Data. Scientific Reports Vol. 7, 40678.

New Avenues Category

Wolfgang Lutz. 2017. Global Sustainable Development priorities 500 y after Luther: Sola schola et sanitate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 114 (27), 6904–6913.

Economic Chamber Prize

The Vienna Economic Chamber provides funding each year to support research in selected fields. Tina Wakolbinger (Research Institute for Supply Chain Management) received the 2018 Economic Chamber Prize for her project Stadtlogistik 2030+.

Stephan Koren Prize

Since 1996, the Membership Association of WU Full Professors has been awarding the Stephan Koren Prize to doctoral candidates whose entire academic career is a credit to WU and its reputation in the scientific community.

Stephan Koren Prize winners 2018:

  • Franziska Metz
  • Viktoria Wöhrer
  • Johanna Winter
  • Anna Katharina Struth
  • Tamás Krisztin
  • Harald Amberger
  • Michael Platzer
  • Adhurim Haxhimusa
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