Annual Report 2017

Strategic Plan

Responsible University

To us, being a responsible university means more than taking responsibility for our students, faculty, and staff. It also means making outstanding research contributions in the field of economic sciences so that we can do our part to help solve today’s problems.


High Standards

Outstanding ranking results and awards for teaching and research are visible proof of WU’s excellence. As a responsible university, we are well aware of our political obligations. We strive to use our expertise to help solve economic and social problems. For this reason, we are particularly proud of our researchers who were honored for their social commitment in 2017.


Taking Responsibility

As a responsible university, WU recognizes its obligations to research, academics, and society. This responsibility is documented in the current Strategic Plan. As a university, we see ourselves as part of society and actively seek contact and discourse with as many people as possible. Our events are aimed at a wide variety of target groups and demographics, and bring individuals with and without academic backgrounds together.

Academic Standards

Setting a Course for the Future

A future-oriented university needs to continuously improve and expand its program portfolio. We are happy to support young people who are enthusiastic about studying at WU and willing to work hard. High school students are always welcome at WU. Events like Open House Day, campus visits, or workshops encourage teens to find out more about WU and its academic programs.

Forging Ahead

An Eye on the Future

WU’s researchers are among the best in their field. They are in high demand as cooperation partners in their scientific communities. Their work makes invaluable contributions to solving today’s complex economic, political, and social problems.

Horizonte erweitern (c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Global Perspectives

Broadening Horizons

New experiences breed innovation. As an open-minded, international university, WU encourages it students, faculty, and staff to spend time abroad. We are also working hard to make WU even more attractive for incoming exchange students and visiting faculty. Because if our campus provides an international atmosphere and our students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to work and study with international colleagues, then we can be sure we’re giving our students the education they need to act responsibly in a globalized future.

Friends & Partners

Sponsoring and Fundraising

WU offers its corporate partners the chance to sponsor rooms on campus or to make their brand visible at WU events. Corporate sponsors can also finance scholarships.