Annual Report 2020

Campus WU (c) BOAnet

Internationally Recognized Quality

WU has an excellent reputation. But far from resting on our achievements to date, we are constantly striving to improve even further. Top placements in renowned international rankings and other achievements confirm the success of our efforts.

Veranstaltung an der WU (c) Lukas Pelz

Knowledge Transfer in Practice

As a responsible university, it’s our job to make the knowledge we generate available to society. The events we organize give people easy access to our research findings.

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Shaping the Future, Sustainably

“Responsibility” is a key concept in our work as a university. With our research and teaching, we are helping to promote sustainability in business, economics, and society.

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New Teaching and Learning Environments

WU is well prepared for the digital transformation and has developed a comprehensive digitalization strategy over the last few years. In 2020, we had to implement this strategy much faster than planned.

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Academic Standards

Programs with a Future

For us as a university, change means anticipating future developments and responding to them in our research and teaching today.

Campus WU (c) Werner Weißhappl
Forging Ahead

Making Research Visible

WU’s researchers are recognized experts in their fields. They are innovative and address current topics in their work. They are aware of their social responsibility, search for solutions to today’s most urgent problems, and welcome discourse with the public.

Studierende auf dem Campus WU, Gebäude LC (c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Global Perspectives

International Spirit

All WU students should gain international experience. We also want to encourage faculty and staff mobility, so that we as an institution can benefit from the perspectives and practices of other universities.

Studierende im Sprachlernzentrum (c) Raimo Rudi Rumpler
Friends & Partners

Facing the Future Together

WU maintains close ties to the business community and its alumni. Our common goal is to promote research and teaching at WU as well as possible. Several new programs were developed in 2020 to help us achieve this.


The COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions

The COVID 19 pandemic presented us with many challenges in 2020. WU had to respond quickly and flexibly. You can find out how we did this and what solutions we found in this chapter.