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We are proud of WU’s research. We honor the achievements of our researchers and make the knowledge they generate accessible and usable.

WU’s researchers are recognized experts in their fields. They are innovative and address current topics in their work. They are aware of their social responsibility, search for solutions to today’s most urgent problems, and welcome discourse with the public.

What Happens After the Pandemic?

“Life After Corona” is the motto of a new initiative intended to fight fake news with research-based facts and keep the public informed with up-to-date findings on the pandemic. The interested public had the opportunity to ask WU’s experts questions about the economic, social, and legal impacts of COVID-19. And ask they did: How badly is the coronavirus crisis likely to impact Vienna’s economy? How will the coronavirus crisis affect the job market? Is there likely to be an upswing in alternative economic models? These, and questions like them, were on people’s minds during the pandemic. The responses provided by WU’s researchers were published on a website developed specifically for this purpose and on our social media channels. As a service to journalists, we also prepared a list of expert contacts for pandemic-related questions.

“We soon had inquiries coming in from Austria, Finland, Russia, Malaysia, and many other countries. Questions like how COVID-19 will affect different regions of the world, financial markets, employment rates, or education are being asked by people around the world.”
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Rector

Life After Corona - In Numbers

views of answered questions
  • 10,918 website views
  • 161,626 users reached on social media

Research on the effects of the coronavirus crisis

For the most part, society was unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, health care measures were taken to try and slow the spread of the virus. These measures had comprehensive effects on the economy as well as on people’s everyday lives. Soon after the crisis began, WU researchers were already asking themselves what changes the pandemic would bring.

By the end of 2020, WU faculty members had published approximately 100 papers dealing with legal, business, economic, and sociological aspects of COVID-19.

The First to Know More

It is our mission as a university to be a thought leader in the fields of business, economics, and business law and to generate new knowledge. The results of our research stimulate discourse, give new impetus to business and society, and allow us to make forecasts for the future. We also see it as our job to make knowledge accessible to everyone, appealingly presented and explained in an easily understandable way.

Our new research portal is a hub for all WU research news and provides a comprehensive overview of all of our research areas. On the portal, the interested public can find:

  • Current research news
  • Researcher portraits
  • Studies explained quickly and easily, e.g. through animated videos
  • A tool for finding experts
  • The latest publications
  • Research events
  • A research quiz
  • The opportunity to ask our experts questions


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