Academic Standards

Orientation After High School

We get in touch with high school students early on to get them interested in studying at WU. Potential students can find out more about WU and its programs at the WU Open House Day and Master’s Day.

How about WU?

Deciding on a career or a university program are important choices for young people. We start introducing WU and its programs to school classes at the middle school level to prepare them for this decision later.

Middle school project days

Working together with the “Teach for Austria” program, we invite middle school classes to visit WU. A campus tour, workshops, and lectures give the kids an opportunity to experience university life for a day and learn about business and economics. In 2019, we welcomed some 300 middle school students to Campus WU.


This program is aimed at high school students. During a tour of the campus and the library, we tell school classes about the range of programs offered at WU. Students can attend lectures and a workshop on academic writing. Upon request, we also organize meetings with graduates and professors.

Schüler/innen bei einer Campusführung

For school classes that can’t come to Campus WU, we send experienced WU students as WU Ambassadors out to schools to talk about WU’s programs and give kids first-hand insights into student life.

In 2019, 102 high school classes came to WU for a campus tour, and WU Ambassadors made 31 school visits. In total, we reached 4,553 high school students with our WU@School program, an increase of over 20% as compared to 2018.

FIT – Women and technology

FIT is an education orientation program for high school students in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland that is aimed at getting young women interested in studying technology and natural sciences.

Young women in the bachelor’s level major and the Master’s Program in Information Systems visited schools as WU Ambassadors. They talked to classes about why they chose to study a technical subject and told the students about WU’s programs, reaching a total of 176 girls. 230 more young women visited our booth at the FIT Information Fair. WU offered a workshop on information systems on Campus WU as part of the FIT Information Days, which was attended by 20 young women.

Schüler/innen beim Tag der offenen Tür

Getting to know WU

During WU’s Open House Days, future students can experience exciting insights into everyday university life. They also have the opportunity to explore the campus on guided tours and find out more about WU’s programs and services or career prospects after graduation by attending lectures or chatting with WU faculty and staff. Sample classes on topics like “Law & Order” or “Marketing – Small difference, major impact” give them an idea of what to expect from our academic programs.

In 2019, about 2,800 people took advantage of the two Open House Days in March and December to learn more about WU.

On Master’s Day, potential students can attend presentations on all 15 of WU’s master’s programs. In addition, representatives of all programs are on hand to answer individual questions. Visitors can also find out more about the application process, student services, and funding opportunities. The WU ZBP Career Center provides information about graduates’ career opportunities. About 4,000 prospective students attended the events in April and November 2019.


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