Forging Ahead

New Faculty

Our new professors bring a wealth of (practical) experience with them to WU to strengthen the university’s teaching and research.
Hans Valentin Schroll
Professor of criminal law and the law of criminal procedure
Hans Valentin Schroll
“For 3 years now, I have been able to arrange 4-week student internships at the Supreme Court for the best-performing students who complete my course at WU, as part of a cooperation agreement with the Supreme Court. The students’ response to these internships has been very positive, and we’re planning to continue this initiative.”
Hans Valentin Schroll

On November 1, WU appointed Hans Valentin Schroll, a former presiding judge of one of the panels of the Austrian Supreme Court, as full professor of criminal law and the law of criminal procedure. Professor Schroll will be applying his expertise to research and teaching at WU. During his career, Hans Valentin Schroll has published extensively on topics related to criminal law, the law of criminal procedure, and criminology. He has very close ties to WU, not only because of his teaching activities, but also because he was one of the experts who evaluated WU’s Bachelor’s Program in Business Law.

Jurgen­ Wil­lems
Professor of public management and governance
Jurgen Willems (c) zVg
“I’m interested in a wide range of topics relevant to the public sector and the provision of public goods. From this perspective, I’m especially interested in the ways a society is organized to achieve common goals for all its citizens.”
Jurgen Willems

He investigates how public and civil society organizations work and how they interact with each other. In a current project, for example, he is looking at how public and nonprofit organizations can strengthen their reputation to help maintain their status as important regional, national, and international stakeholders. In another project, he is analyzing the role of digitalization in interactions between citizens and public administration. He is particularly interested in how the introduction of innovative technologies, for example in the context of smart cities, can lead to new ethical dilemmas in public governance.

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