Sharing Knowledge

WU’s research is not only academically excellent – the knowledge generated at our university is both practically relevant and future oriented and contributes to solving today’s economic, social, and ecological problems.

Active cooperation between WU researchers and members of the business and other communities has long characterized our university and demonstrated our commitment to society. Our outreach activities range from continuing education, innovation initiatives, application-oriented research, political consulting, and public relations to social activities and knowledge transfer events with various stakeholders.

Current research findings are often reported in the media and inspire public discourse. WU’s “Researcher of the Month” initiative introduces one of WU’s scientists each month and puts the spotlight on them and their work. In the new event series WU matters. WU talks., we invite the public to join us as we explore and discuss today’s challenges. Last but certainly not least, WU has also become a popular location for academic conferences. This is a particularly positive development, as it confirms the excellent reputation of WU’s researchers in the scientific community.

Researchers in the Spotlight