International Scientific Communities at WU

In recent years, WU has become a very popular venue for international conferences, in part because of its modern campus and spectacular architecture. In 2016, experts from regional science, tax law, linguistics, mathematics, and international business came to WU to attend a wide variety of events.

Regional Sciences

The annual European Regional Science Association Congress is one of the largest academic conferences in regional sciences worldwide. “Cities & Regions: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive?” was the focus of the August 2016 event, which brought 850 participants from 57 different countries to WU to present their research results and network with researchers from around the globe.

International Business

The Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy was held at our university in December. Over 650 researchers from approximately 70 countries attended the conference’s talks, panel discussions, and workshops and presented their most recent findings in the fields of international business and international management.

Tax Law

Two events brought international tax law experts to Campus WU in 2016. At the Global Transfer Pricing Conference, researchers, employees of international organizations like the OECD, UNO, and EU, and members of the business community from 35 different countries met to discuss “Transfer Pricing in a Post-BEPS World.”  The 23rd annual Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law focused on the differences between the OECD Model Convention and the UN Model Convention.


Researchers at WU’s Department of Foreign Language Business Communication, the largest academic research and educational institution of its kind in Europe, focus on all aspects of the use of language in business contexts. We were particularly pleased to welcome international linguists to two separate conferences on campus in 2016.

The International Morphology Meeting drew 150 participants from around the world to study word structure in different languages. The International Conference of the Association for Language Awareness was attended by researchers from over 40 countries and focused on language awareness in a professional context: in the classroom, the workplace, in new media, and in intercultural communication.

Mathematical Finance

Are mathematical finance models to blame for the crisis? This was the question the attendees of the 2016 Vienna Congress on Mathematical Finance attempted to answer. International experts discussed the newest developments in the fields of credit and system risks, risk assessment, new financial markets, high-frequency trading, market design, and volatility modeling.

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